A motorcycle chapter is only as strong as its members. Our members come from all walks of life. We are schoolteachers, bus drivers, sales people, head-hunters, business owners, retirees, and more. We all have one thing in common. At the end of the day when the suits come off and the leathers go on, our passion for something most people don't understand comes alive. We eat, sleep and live motorcycling.

Chapter 'K' was founded on April 10th, 1983 and is located in Newmarket Ontario. Although we have had various Chapter Directors come and go and the long time members remain, the spirit of the club continues to attract new members. Our chapter is located in the middle of Ontario, which is within a four-hour ride from other GWTA Chapters. In our opinion, we have some of the nicest riding roads in Southern Ontario. Our location lets us participate in a large number of GWTA events and rallies on a regular basis and we also receive support from other chapters.

'Destination Friendship' has been the GWTA slogan for as long as can be remembered. Over the years our members have traveled throughout the United States and Canada to attend such rallies as Camp Wing Tyme, Gold Rush, Americade and our own Region 'J's Friendship Rally. Along the way we have made friends and attained stories that will remain for a lifetime. Friendships continue to grow even though time between visits maybe long.

We are proud to support Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as one of our chapter charities, since a few members have lost loved ones due to drunk driving. This annual charity event is usually held on the last weekend of May. Every year the numbers in attendance grows in support of such a great cause. Chapter 'K' also supports the annual Ride for Sight. This event is held to raise money and awareness for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We are proud to take part in this event each year with some members volunteering to help along the route and others participating in the ride. An event like this with bikes in attendance reaching close to 10,000 can make one start to question, why do we do this every year? It can be crazy, rushed and confusing. In 2002 Chapter 'K' took part as a participant in the first run-walkathon for "Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Canada". Our Chapter 'K' members were quick to partake and get involved with another worthy charity, once called upon.

A lot of our rides end up in destinations you would not think of, one of our members seems to think that on the seventh day, instead of resting, God created the 'Chip Truck' and he has radar-like ability to search and find them on any road that we are on. Whether it's a chip truck or an ice cream store, we sure do get our fill.

The past few years has seen a lot of families join Chapter 'K'. We love to see the children's faces light up when they are around the motorcycles, not to mention many grown ups. Our members continue to grow because Chapter 'K' loves to do the main thing and that's what this club is all about, Riding Motorcycles.

As you can see, "The Objective of this organization is to provide the environment and organizational structure around which its membership may enjoy well coordinated social gatherings and events without political endorsements or religious affiliations. It is also to encourage good riding habits, involvement in civic and charitable affairs and to project a positive image of the sport of tour motorcycling to the public."

No matter what time of the year or which event we are attending, Chapter 'K' is all about 'Destination Friendship'. It is true, that a chapter is only as strong as its members. The strength of Chapter 'K' is friendship and sharing with others through the joy of motorcycle riding.

Bylaw Article 1 Gold Wing Touring Association of North America, Inc.

Authors Steve & Julie Broughton - Chapter 'K' Members - August 2001

We Welcome All Types of Motorcycles, Not Just Goldwings